Home Learning

Hello SKS Families!

I am here to provide additional learning and Math support for your child while we are away from Saint Kateri.  On this page, you will find activities, games, songs and links to websites for grades   K – 5 that will supplement the work we do together at school.  Have fun exploring these fun and engaging activities! 

Questions or specific needs? Contact me any time via e-mail:  Katrina.Payne@dor.org

Math Joke of the week:

What has two hands but can’t carry anything?
A Clock!


Try These activities this week (April 20 – 24) 


Kindergarten: Watch the video to see how to make numbers 11 – 19!  Then try some of the math pack linked below!


Kindergarten math skills and game pack





1st grade:  Check out the video on telling time.  If you would like extra math practice use the link below to find a 1st grade skill pack.


1st Grade math skills and game pack



2nd grade: Watch the video on counting money.  For mixed skills practice and a game check out the link below.




2nd Grade math skills and game pack



3rd grade: Watch this video on adding 3 digits with regrouping.  For mixed skills practice and a game check out the link below.



3rd Grade math skills and game pack



4th grade: Watch this video on fractions.  For mixed skills practice and a game check out the link below.



4th Grade math skills and game pack



5th grade:  Watch the video on the coordinate Plane.   For mixed skills practice and a game check out the link below.


5th Grade math skills and game pack





If you haven’t checked this site in the past, check out the previous activities!

Math Joke of the week:

Why didn’t the dime jump in the well with the penny?
Because it had more cents!



Kindergarten: Continue to work on addition and subtraction! Listen to this song about subtraction! Follow the link below for a few fun dice games.


For Dice game ideas, click the link below


1st Grade: You have been working on adding tens starting at any number, continue practicing!  Use the link to see a Brainpop Jr. video of adding and subtracting tens.



Check out this video on place value!


2nd Grade: Continue to practice adding and subtracting.  Check out these Brainpop Jr. videos about adding and subtracting with regrouping.  Then try some of the quizzes or games.






3rd Grade: Follow the links below to see a brain pop movie on multiplication and division.  While there, test your abilities on the quizzes. Read some of the related readings and check out the comic!



4th Grade: This video will be a review of what you were learning just before we started learning from home.  Use it as a review!  Also, if you want to check out the brainpop links above, that will review multiplication and division!


5th Grade: You have been working on coordinate grids in math.  If anyone is interested in practicing using a coordinate grid, I challenge you to a game of online battleship!  I will be available daily from 10 to 11.  If you are interested and up for the challenge, email me and I will send you the link to game!



Grades 3, 4, and 5

24 Challenge: Use the 4 given numbers and addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division to get an answer of 24.  

Example: 6, 6, 4, 8: 6/6=1 (6 divided by 6 = 1), 4-1=3, 8×3=24 

Follow the link to find a weekly 24 challenge.  Share how you solved it! Use the post button or double click anywhere.